DraftSight V1R3 rilasciato per Windows, Mac e Linux

Nuova versione per DraftSight, il CAD gratuito disponibile per Winwdows, Mac e Linux. 
DraftSight V1R3 va ad introdurre a correggere alcuni bug riscontrati nella versione precedente e ad aggiungere alcune nuove funzionalità. Migliorate anche le perfomance del programma che risulta consumare il 30% in meno rispetto alla versione V1R2.1 nell’apertura dei file.
Sotto il profilo Windows introduce il supporto a Windows 8.

Ma vediamo cosa c’è di nuovo

System requirements: they have been updated, refer to the FAQ.
Windows 8 Support: DraftSight V1R3 is supported on Windows 8 64-bit.
64 bit version: DraftSight has now introduced a 64-bit version for Windows.

  1. Users need to port their 32-bit add-ins to the 64-bit platform for the add-ins to work on 64-bit machines since V1R3 blocks 32-bit installations of DraftSight on 64-bit OS. (If you’re not sure if your version is 32-bit or 64-bit read this post: https://swym.3ds.com/#post:14677)
  2. Some signatures to the API were changed so C++ add-ins need to be recompiled using the new C++ SDK.

Deployment Wizard: The DraftSight Deployment Wizard allows you, with a few easy steps, to create and define a deployment image to broadcast DraftSight to all users in your network.
Align Viewport command: This feature adds new functionality to the VIEWPORT command to align viewports by picking on the geometry inside of a viewport. Users will be able to align viewports horizontally and vertically by selecting on entities within each view port. Objects snaps can be used for precise location.
Revision Cloud command: This tool helps to highlight annotations and other objects.  There will be a variety of shapes to choose from such as rectangular, elliptical and freehand.
In-place TEXT Editor: DraftSight now supports an in-place text editor for note and simple note.
Explode text: Text can be exploded into editable entities using the EXPLODETEXT command.
Memory Improvement: Significant improvements in reducing the memory consumed when opening drawings. (Up to 30% less memory than V1R2.1.)
New functionalities for API’s: Major enhancements are the abilities to:

  • Access Tables
  • Access Viewports
  • Access entities that are members of a group of entities.
  • Access DraftSight system files
  • Receive notifications about command execution
  • Receive notifications when command options change
  • Receive notifications when objects are appended or detached, erased or restored, or modified in a document
  • Receive notifications before entities are selected
  • and many more….

45 Day Evaluation of the API for the Stand-alone version:  Users can request access to the DraftSight API for 45 days (for free), while using the Stand-alone version (activation required, Windows OS). API includes COM, C++, LISP, JavaScript, C#, VB.NET, VBA, running signed and unsigned add-ins, developing add-ins. Contact your reseller or our Sales team.
Resolved issues:

# Description
666782 Repair drawing which does not open
666472 Instability when running the lisp routine for line entity
664944 Error 1920 DraftSight API service failed to start when installing or upgrading to V1R2.1
664936 Uninstalling V1R2.1 does not remove DraftSight API service dsHttpApiService.exe
663235 The trace segments disappears and reappears on zoom in and out
662903 SIMPLENOTE does not retain Fit alignment points after editing simple note
660847 EDITTABLE: table size changes if editing dialog box is opened and closed
658985 Instability when switching sheet tabs in large electrical drawing
657668 Add a Public Visible Property (IToolbarItem) for IToolbarItem Interface Members
657487 EPDM-Toolbars are off when add-ins are loaded, unloaded and loaded again in same session
657284 A customization file (xml) is not saved
656960 Drawing cannot use ‘Copy to DWG format’ option
656167 OPEN: Draw entity in new file save it and open again -No file preview is seen (F.O.645883)
655086 Function Save As2(…) does not produce expected results, adds extra DWG extension to file name
654884 An angle cannot be inputted in degree in SmartCalculator, only Radian
650872 Changing the sheets order in the UI does not affect the sheets order of the output of Document::GetSheets() method
642166 Add references to Export .PLT in the API Help
638008 Ability to start as Stand-alone version if no Network license is available
616222 Sys. var. is not supported for polyline type in DST. Legacy LISP routines that working with old ‘POLYLINE’ (2D Polyline) entity will fail in DST
599373 Layer Manager options improvement
596086 MAC OS  – View a preview of the drawing when opening or searching in Finder
590589 Japanese: Require to change the translation of some help page under ‘Working with Hatches, Color Fills, Text and Tables’ topic
575342 Mac OS – PRINT: Inconsistency between Mac OS documentation for Print and the contents of Print dialog window

As always, we appreciate and value your feedback which helps us stay on track and move forward. Please let’s keep the comments to this post related to the release notes: post any new technical question on the iQuestions page where a detailed answer can be provided, use the Report a problem button, or contact the DraftSight team.


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