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Hackers Could Commandeer New Planes Through Passenger Wi-Fi

Seven years after the Federal Aviation Administration first warned Boeing that its new Dreamliner aircraft had a Wi-Fi design that made it vulnerable to hacking, a new government report suggests the passenger jets might still be vulnerable. Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets, as well as Airbus A350 and A380 aircraft, have Wi-Fi passenger networks that use [...]



Chinese hacker group has been spying on governments for a decade, says FireEye

A CHINESE CYBER THREAT GROUP is said to have one of the longest ever cyber espionage operation histories, having spied on governments for over a decade. The APT 30 hacker group was uncovered by security firm FireEye, which claims that it has been spying on Asia Pacific countries' governments from as far back as 2004. [...]



Latest version of OS X closes backdoor bug that gives root

For at least four years, a bug in Apple's OS X gave untrusted users—and possibly remote hackers with only limited control of their target—unfettered "root" privileges over Macs. The vulnerability is being called a "hidden backdoor" by Emil Kvarnhammar, the security researcher who discovered the bug and privately reported it to Apple. It's probably more [...]